Hey! My name's Darren Criss and I'm 24 years old. I have an older brother, Chuck, who is in this awesome band, Freelance Whales, you should check them out!

You may recognize my name from playing Harry Potter in A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel; also starring in and writing music for the Starkid's. Also, just recently, you may know me as Blaine from Fox's incredible show Glee!

But really, I'm nobody. Just a guy who likes sitting around, playing music for his friends.

(Yes, this is a roleplaying account.)

ooc: shit you guys, i am so sorry for my absence! too much stuff going on 


i’ll try to get back in gear tomorrow

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"Darren’s confidence is incredibly sexy and alluring,"

Lea Michele (x)

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See when she turns around she gives that nice look behind her. See look at that she turns around like ‘Oh there you are’ … yeah I need to take notes. I’m terrible at posing.” - Darren Criss (on Lea’s infamous red carpet pose)

“See, there she is, we were both watching her before”

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I am amused at how accurate this is to Dee’s character.


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Interviewer: You guys have your Emmy outfits picked yet or…?
Darren: Oh, do you?
Lea: I do…


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